Electrolysis is the only proven permanent method of hair removal. 

Technology has been around for over 135 years and has excellent track record.

Is the ONLY method FDA approved for complete permanent hair removal

Targets one hair at a time, ensures accuracy and high kill rate

Electrolysis can treat ALL hair types on ALL skin types

Can be done anywhere on the body

No stimulation of more hair production

Electrolysis permanent hair removal works in all hair cycles, requires destruction of "the bulge" where germinative cells rest.


The Village Spa has been successful with electrolysis for women and men since 1962. With our years of experience, each of our operators will give you precise and rapid hair removal, time well spent.

Our policy is to use sterile, disposable needles for complete peace of mind. 
(add $2.25 for disposable needles)

Price: 5 min $20 / 15min $30 / 30min $45 / 45min $65 /  60min $80 

••• Please Call Us to request an appointment.


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