Joanne Lipp European Skin Care has created a holistic approach to skin care. Healthy living is encouraged through the attention to high quality product lines with natural ingredients. These product lines ensure that Joanne Lipp European Skin Care can accommodate and improve every skin type.

Our comprehensive medical skin care line includes state of the art science-based, luxurious formulations with innovative delivery systems. These products address multiple skin concerns, deliver results and perform progressively over time.

Luzern was founded on a new vision of beauty, a vision that does not compromise purity for efficacy or luxury, a vision that delivers exceptionally clean skincare, beautiful to the senses, with transformative results.

Organic actives prized for their healing and rejuvenating energy are cultivated at high altitudes in the Swiss Alps then Clean|Cold formulated in small batches to keep potency in and toxins out. These extraordinarily pure, high-potency blends impart each Luzern product with the power to naturally reveal your most beautiful and radiant skin.

Created in 1954, pioneer in the realm of phyto-aromatic treatments and rich with international experience, Yon-Ka provides your skin with the most precious part of plants:their revitalizing essential oils full of solar energy and complementary active ingredients – vitamins, fruit acids, polyphenols, peptides, oligoelements…-Synergy which acts with precision, kindness and effectiveness for the specific needs of the most demanding skin types.

M. Darphin’s strong opinions, high standards and unwavering insistence on the most conscientious care continually set new standards for cosmetic facials and service. And he created the most exquisite formulas.

When he opened his first “Institut de Beauté” in Paris, he revolutionized beauty with his exclusive skin-sculpting techniques, sensory experiences and customized skin analysis and protocols.

Australian Bodycare has been a brand leader in Tea Tree Oil products since 1992. Originally introduced to the professional salon and spa market we have since developed products available for home use.

Australian Bodycare’s simple and effective range has been a firm family favourite for over 22 years.

G.M. Collin’s journey began in 1957, when Dr. Lapinet, a renowned Parisian dermatologist, pioneered the use of collagen pellicles on burn victims to help heal and regain the healthy look of their skin.

For the past 60 years, G.M. Collin has continued its tradition of excellence and innovation with the mission of providing the opportunity for everyone to discover both their unique beauty and absolute self-confidence.

Since 1947 Laboratoire Dr. Renaud have offered a totally natural concept in treatment skincare and make-up using only the finest natural plant and marine extracts. Dr. Renaud offers solutions for all skincare problems even the most sensitive. Renowned for its capacity to offer innovative skin care, Laboratoire Dr Renaud has been a leader in cosmetology for more than 55 years.

The creation of a quality brand In 1868 in Germany, the pharmacist Eduard Gerlach took over his father Ludwig’s colonial goods store and expanded it with a drugstore.  Eduard Gerlach laid the foundation for a prospering family business, which, with the brand name GEHWOL, has obtained international recognition and has become a synonym for foot care.

Eduard Gerlach is rightly so considered to be a pioneer of modern foot care, due to the fact that he developed the first industrially manufactured cream for the prevention and alleviation of foot ailments.

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