Spa Packages

THE SPA EXPERIENCE                                           $250.75
Our own exclusive Village Spa regime to help you escape.
This experience includes our European facial, heated hand treatment, expert pedicure, manicure, relaxing 1/2 body massage and ion body cleanse.

VILLAGE SPA SOOTHER                                        $182.75
An ideal package for your wedding day, special occasion or as a gift! Includes European facial, pedicure and manicure.

VILLAGE SPA VACATION                                        $233.75
Refine your body with our Village Spa Signature Wrap, a relaxing blend of plants and herbs to free your body of stress, replacing it with a soothing calm. A gentle half hour body massage with long relaxing and rolling strokes follow to help the body cleanse itself of toxins.
Our non-invasive facial treatment follows to leave the skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, a holistic approach to health.

MEN’S SPA DAY                                                        $301.75
Join the growing number of gentlemen who have discovered the benefits of skin care. Your experience begins with a professional back massage, followed by our Men’s Fitness face treatment, heated hand treatment, sport pedicure, and ion body cleanse.

HAUTE COUTURE GLORY                                      $289
The ultimate. Unique to Joanne Lipp European Skin Care, our Haute Couture Facial treatment combines a three dimensional approach to the care of the skin, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue massage, and shiatsu pressure points to energize and stimulate the functions of the skin. Refining your body with our Village Spa Signature Wrap continues the tranquil sense of well-being, its a relaxing blend of plants and herbs to free your body of stress, replacing it with a soothing calm.

ALL DAY AFFAIR                                                     $361.25
Treat yourself to a complete day of relaxation, physically and psychologically. To invigorate the body we begin with a body brush massage, followed by a stress relief massage with essential oils. Our deep cleansing facial includes our firming neck treatment, manicure and the pedicure includes ion body cleanse.

THE CURE                                                                $174.25
The age old German rituals of healing through “kurs”, can be experienced in this program with a mineral body scrub to lift and remove dead cells and replenish the skin with essential minerals, a therapeutic body wrap to detoxify with herbs and plants, and a half hour aromatherapy massage, all to rebalance and relax.